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Education industry policy is bumpy, what is the intention?

2019-04-16 10:55:00Source: Billion euro

Some people say that the reason why they dare not have a second child is that the cost of education is too high. In fact, in 2018, the education industry has landed a series of policies, which are steadily promoting education equity and reducing the cost of education. At the same time, these policies do not totally deny the existence value of private education, so education as a scarce resource is still a good track. This article was first published in'& nbsp; First Financial Daily', edited by Euro 100 million, for the reference of professionals. China's education industry: The short-term bumps on the long-term track in the development of the education industry in 2018 as a whole present a situation of "hot before cold". A series of policies represented by the draft Regulations on the Implementation of the Private Education Promotion Law (Revised Draft) submitted by the Civil Promotion Law have confused the industry participants about the policy intentions and the direction of industry development. We believe that the positive role of private education has not been totally negated. The relevant policies are intended to regulate the development of the industry, and will benefit the players who operate in compliance for a long time. One...

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