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Won the $10 million investment

2015-10-28 11:31:10Source: hunting, Yungang

hunting, Yungang 10 month 28 reports compiled (designed for developers to create software security platform SourceClear: Colin) SourceClear designed for software developers to provide tools and to find the open source software security vulnerabilities. It today announced the current round of financing $10000000. Currently, SourceClear specifically for technology companies to improve the security of software development. Software engineers often use the existing open source software, and the software is often used by other open source software. So a software error, often means that other software will be a problem. Once the researchers found a loophole in the software, with these software companies to immediately check if they are not affected by it, if you are affected, then we should quickly patch software patches. SourceClear wants to make sure that the security of the code is written, and the impact of the new vulnerability is minimized. SourceClear co-founder and Mark Cu CEO...

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