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Apple iOS 13 New Edition "Reminder" Function Detailed

2019-07-14 23:28:34Source: IT house

"Reminder" is a familiar and frequently used function. Third-party to-do reminder applications are also popular tools for iOS downloads. As for this important daily function, Apple redesigned it on iOS 13 to make the interface, function, details and intellectualization refreshed. Now let's see how the new "reminders" have changed. Updated to iOS 13, the original "reminders" will give a new version of the introduction and upgrade tips. It is recommended that users click on "Upgrade immediately" when they first open it, so that some functions that can not be automatically updated can be brushed out, including some icon labels and the original missing iCloud synchronization data. The UI opens the native "reminders" and you will see a relatively concise and clear and orderly main interface. The fixed quartiles above classify the reminders you create according to their functionality, and the list of reminders below. The whole __________.

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