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Down 70 yuan, Huawei Bracelet 3/3 Pro new low 199 yuan

2019-07-21 20:59:29Source: IT house

IT Home News July 21 Huawei Bracelet 3/3 Pro is a new Bracelet product released in March this year. Its market price is 269/399 yuan. At present, the equipment is offered 249/379 yuan at Tianmao franchise store, with a further reduction of 50 yuan in vouchers. It can be paid 199/329 yuan in real terms. It will go on the market at a new low level. If you want to buy it quickly, you can buy it here. Huawei Bracelet 3 series new upgrade 0.95 inch AMOLED color screen, using Nordic minimalist design, integrated with coral orange, Aurora blue, mica powder and other fashionable dynamic color matching. Huawei Bracelet series 3 supports comprehensive sports model records such as walking, running, riding and swimming. Officials say it can provide a 12-day long endurance. The bracelet, equipped with HUAWEI TruSeenTM heart rate monitoring technology, not only supports 24-hour heart rate monitoring, but also provides personalized advice and sleep services in deep collaboration with the CDB Center of Harvard Medical College. In addition, Huawei Hand Ring 3 Pro also has a built-in independent GP.

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