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Regulate the development of Internet banking. On 3

2015-11-06 18:02:00Source: goods transit network

11 "CPC Central Committee on the formulation of national economic and social development the thirteenth five-year planning" officially released. Among them, the "recommendation" in the third section, "adhere to the innovation and development, focus on improving the quality and efficiency of development", the specific "construction of the new system" in the formulation of the development of Internet banking. Thirteen five year plan given the Internet Financial clear direction and strong confidence, let the industry see the space for the development of Internet banking, which for Internet banking is undoubtedly a pound of good. Internet banking P2P let everyone become the economic development of the participants, it not only gives the opportunity to change the destiny, but also for the benefit of the people of the country to create more possibilities, so get the country's strong support. With the volatility of the stock market, the market has accumulated, the industry gradually standardized as well as the support of national policy, P2P is becoming a mainstream way of managing money. As a financial innovation,...

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