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The panel is still in Samsung and LGD to start the big layoff plan in winter!

2019-09-11 20:30:00Source: Billion euro

[Editor's Note] As early as 2018, the forecast of LCD panel entering the stage of overcapacity has been reported in the newspapers. At that time, Japanese and Korean enterprises were in the premise of reducing production capacity, China's LCD panel manufacturers dominated. Nowadays, the pressure of excess capacity really appears, and the living environment of TV panel companies has deteriorated. This article is from "OFweek", the author is full of heart. Edited by Euro 100 million, for reference only. According to IHS, in August this year, the price of TV panels of all sizes still fell by 5-10% a month. Almost all sizes of TV panels have reached a new low price. It is expected that the price of panels will fall further in September. Qunzi Consulting points out that the global panels market is still oversupply and manufacturers are under great inventory pressure. In the next 1-2 years, panel prices will continue to face enormous pressure, and it will be difficult for prices to rise significantly. In such an environment, two major panel factories in South Korea and China have successively launched plans to adjust production lines and reduce staff and production. Although it can alleviate the situation of oversupply in the short term, as more 8.5/10 generations of factories will be put into operation in China in the future, it can be concluded that nearly 1-10 generations of factories will come into operation.

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