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Is your privacy safe in the age of information streaking?

2019-09-11 22:55:37Source: Billion euro

"Is access to your personal information allowed?" "Is access to your album allowed?" We usually click the "agree" button habitually and quickly. As a result, the shopping records, flight itineraries, takeaway preferences, interests and preferences on APP make up a lively you, and big data can even understand a person better than himself. But not every company has the ability and motivation to keep user information confidential. Overall, the Internet itself may make us nervous about our identity and privacy. People who have nowhere to hide under big data fear that one day ZAO will let face brushing really happen. Assuming AI develops to replace some functions of human beings, the security and ethical disputes it may cause become an unavoidable issue. Recent AI privacy security issues review AI privacy leaks from time to time. Although information leakage is not a unique problem in the era of AI, if it is not restrained in the AI era, the consequences will be much more serious. We can often see the news that technology giants are being investigated for violating users'privacy. The most common is voice surveillance. This year, there was Amazon.

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