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"Billion" Encourages the End of the Holiday! Donation one billion support SMEs

2019-10-05 21:40:00Source: Billion euro

During the eleven period, a homophonic number "one billion" attracted the attention of small and medium-sized enterprises. Li Jiacheng, a well-known entrepreneur in Hongkong, donated HK $one billion to help local SMEs to tide over the economic difficulties. The global economic slowdown, coupled with the unprecedented challenges faced by the local economy, will help the local SMEs to tide over the difficulties and relieve the pressure. The foundation will announce the donation of HK $one billion, and assist the local small and medium-sized enterprises in time with the support measures and payment mechanism of the SAR Government. The details will be discussed with the government. He said: with the government's newly announced 2 billion reserve funds for small and medium enterprises, we hope that the fund's 10 billion will play a leading role. We welcome the opinions from all sectors of the community and work together with one heart and one mind. & Am; nbsp; in the new era, small and medium-sized enterprises are facing difficulties in the development of China's small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in the direction of finance, taxation, finance, business environment, financing, public services and informatization. In terms of Finance and taxation, it is mainly related to the heavy burden of Finance and taxation, the mature development of the tax and tax market, the complexity of Finance and taxation, the high cost of tax and personnel, and the high cost of personnel.

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