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FreeLace wireless headphones and mini audio landing Market

2019-10-06 08:04:03Source: IT house

IT's home October 6th news & nbsp; HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headset and Nini portable audio system are launched in India market at a price of 1999 rupees from India (about 201 yuan). It is understood that HUAWEI FreeLace wireless headphones support IPX5 dust-proof and waterproof, the neck belt is built in batteries and built-in volume buttons, play the control button, but also with HUAWEI EMUI 9.1 mobile phones to automatically match, for other phones can be standard Bluetooth matching. In terms of continuity, it can play music for 13 hours or 18 hours. Officials say it can play music for 4 hours after charging for 5 minutes. In addition, most mobile phones equipped with USB-C ports can charge earphones. The headset is priced at 4999 rupees (about 504 yuan). Mini portable Bluetooth speakers support Bluetooth 4.2 connection, use Micro USB interface, equipped with 660mAh battery, and the duration is about 4 hours. The price is 1999 rupees (about 201 yuan). Responsible for consumer business.

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