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Do you really earn money by selling health data?

2019-10-07 08:00:00Source: Hunting cloud net

Cloud network (micro signal): October 7th report (compiled: Zheng Yi) selling your health data is perfectly legal. If you want, you can ask the doctor for an electronic health record and publish a notice in eBay, Craigslist or even Facebook market. But unlike second-hand cars, works of art or precious biography, your personal data, though equally valuable, are not something that will be lost forever if they are transferred. It's just different - it belongs to you, even long after you sell it, until the day you die. It is an asset that can be sold over and over again, and its value is not lost in the process unless demand for it decreases. So, how do you find out what is valuable from the data obtained from every doctor, hospital and clinic provider visited? How do you price your laboratory test results, diagnosis, drug list, surgery, radiology scanning, vaccination, allergy and blood pressure readings, especially when it is combined with non-medical information, such as your demographic information (race, age, occupation, marriage)

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