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Millet 9 Pro must have a place in 5G Market

2019-10-08 23:31:48Source: IT Home

Although the commercial use of 5G network has just begun, and the three major operators only provide 5G network experience services, we have to admit that "5G" has been a hot key word in the industry, and no doubt any brand hopes to have a place in the market before the 5G network is launched. Huawei, for example, first introduced Mate 20X 5G based on Mate 20X, then brought Mate 30Pro 5G equipped with Kirin 9905G processor on top of this year's flagship Mate 30Pro, and took the lead in improving its 5G product line; while vivo also provided iQOO Pro 5G and NEX 35G, which occupied 4,000 yuan and 6,000 yuan respectively, in the 5G product range, so as to provide more choices for consumers. Between. Millet seems to have chosen the same route as vivo. At the 5G new product launch, it abandoned MIX 35G, which has been released overseas for a long time. Instead, it directly made Millet 9Pro the pioneer in the domestic 5G market. From 3699 yuan - this is the second millet

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