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"Ink Weather" today's IPO meeting, but accidentally hung up

2019-10-11 23:22:08Source: Hunting cloud net

[Cloud Hunting Network Beijing] On October 11, Beijing Ink Fengyun Technology Co., Ltd. (Ink Technology) will be rejected in its initial application. Today, the 18th Session of the Development and Examination Committee of the Securities Regulatory Commission held its 141st and 142nd working sessions in 2019. Guangzhou Tongda Automobile Electric Co., Ltd., Beijing Ink-print Fengyun Technology Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Tianmai Technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Stick New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Electroacoustics Marketing Co., Ltd. Except whether inkmarks will be scientifically or not, the other four were passed. The Securities Regulatory Commission pointed out that "ink weather APP" has been ordered to rectify Internet news without its permission and publish drug advertisements before obtaining the "Internet Drug Information Service Qualification Certificate". The company is required to explain whether the use of user data is legal and compliant, especially the commercial liquidation compliance. According to public information, Inkblot Technology was established in 2010. Its main business is meteorological information service and advertising information service based on mobile Internet platform, and its main products are inspection.

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