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1979-2019: Shanghai Retail under the Wave of Sino-foreign Joint Venture

2019-10-12 10:00:16Source: Billion euro

Regardless of how multinational retailers operate in the Chinese market, as a textbook of Chinese retail stores, the entry of foreign retailers does have a great impact on the Chinese retail market. In the recent "Development Report of the Top 250 Foreign-funded Enterprises with Global Market Value in China 2019" released by Euro 100 million think tank, retail accounts for a large proportion of the 250 multinational enterprises with global market value. The number of retail sales of the existing multinational enterprises with Chinese business ranks first with 28, followed by 24 medical and health enterprises and 18 financial enterprises. This article is a selection of the development history of multinational retail enterprises in China during the 70 years from 1979 to 2019. It is selected from five articles in the series of "Seventy Years of Urban Business Change History in Shanghai" by Winner Business Network. The total number of articles is about 12,000 words, and the reading time is expected to be 25 minutes. This article is from: WingShang. The author is Zhang Pengfei, He Wen, Chen Cheng, Song Lina, who are authorized to reprint them. The following is a selected reading of Euro 100 million think tank: Editor's note: In 2019, it is the historical node of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic, WingShang. com's national 19-city linkage, in particular, launched a large-scale thematic plan of "The History of Business Change in Seventy Cities".

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