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Krypton Analysis | How Far Is Millet from the Empire of Home Appliances

2019-10-12 10:34:29Source: 36 krypton

Author | Ouyang Weikang and Cecilia Xu millet are getting bigger again. On October 11, millet officially released a series of products of Mijia air-cooled refrigerator, which completed the last piece of jigsaw puzzle in the layout of household appliances. Since then, millet mall can be officially upgraded from "millet grocery store" to "millet appliance city". From the first big appliances product in 2013 - TV to the newly released refrigerator, millet has spent six years building a household appliances system with MijiaApp as the core. In this system, millet's own brand household appliances product lineup is expanding, and it is no longer the original millet that needs to rely on a large number of ecological chain brand products to fill the category. To some extent, millet has embarked on a road of "home appliances empire" with its own brand. But after crossing the four categories of household appliances: TV, air conditioner, washing machine and refrigerator, how much room does millet have for growth? The growing pace of the expansion of millet home appliances has long been nothing new. From 2013 to the launch of the refrigerator, millet's home appliances layout has included 22 categories. Data Source: Based on Open Information (up to now)

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