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Mobile industry farewell 2019: 5g has arrived, smart change

2019-12-24 13:23:04Source: IT house

Looking back at the development of the global smartphone industry in 2019, 5g is undoubtedly the hottest topic, not one of them. The arrival of 5g is not only the change of mobile Internet access rate, but also the breakthrough of new technology. 5g, together with AI, VR and other technologies, is shaking the entire terminal market, making it possible for terminal diversification. 5g mobile phones from 10000 yuan to 1000 yuan on June 6, the first wave of 5g mobile phones arrived after China issued 5g license plates. On July 23, ZTE's axon10pro5g version was officially launched on August 5 at a price of 4999 yuan; on July 26, Huawei's first 5g mobile phone, mate20 x (5g), was officially launched at a price of 6199 yuan. One month later, the new iqoo Pro 5g version released by iqoo, a subsidiary brand of vivo, broke through the 4000 yuan gear and became the most affordable 5g mobile phone at that time with the starting price of 3798 yuan. Since then, the lower limit of 5g mobile phone price has been refreshed repeatedly. On November 15, Z6 Pro 5g, Lenovo's first 5g mobile phone, sold for 3299 yuan. But the lowest price of 5g is only one

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