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Non traffic business of Internet insurance in slow track

2020-01-14 14:32:42Source: Hunting cloud net

[cloud hunting Beijing] on January 14, it was reported (Wen / Tumi) in 2013, with the tide of "Internet +", Internet insurance entered the stage of rapid development in the next three years; since 2016, the development of the industry has slowed down, which is also said to be a bottleneck. And this is more from the perspective of the industry's annual premium income. From the perspective of technology empowerment, in recent years, "insurance technology" has gradually replaced the word "Internet insurance", technology has begun to penetrate into the whole industry, and intelligent services have become more and more mature. The whole Internet insurance industry is seeking innovation and breakthrough. New scenarios will give birth to new models and demands, but the Internet insurance industry has not yet ushered in explosive development. How to use technology to stimulate the growth of new customers, even the development of the whole industry, is worth thinking. "The task at this stage is to continuously explore and discover new, sustainable and large-scale growth models on the innovative track." Tian Liwen, director of big data laboratory of elephant insurance, thinks so. Established in November 2015, elephant insurance failed to catch up with the fastest-growing stage of the industry and the best flow dividend stage. But as an intelligent insurance consulting service platform

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