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Six investors gave this prescription for Chinese sportsmen

2020-02-09 17:38:00Source: Titanium media

The picture source is @ unsplash text ︱ eco kryptonic body, author ︱ Luo Da, Liu Jintao, Huang Mengting, editor ︱ Yin Haonan, the high-profile sports year 2020, started in the snowstorm of the epidemic. From traditional sports to emerging e-sports, China's sports events and activities have encountered an unprecedented "full line suspension". The jailed Chinese sports people have to think hard and keep warm. In the past few days, we have also interviewed a large number of professionals who have focused on sports investment. Their backgrounds are different, but they have all experienced ups and downs in the sports industry. Their cognition of the sports industry is different, but what they have experienced through the test of SARS is their common point, that is, their perception of the crisis. Crisis, crisis in organic. It's all a question of thinking. I worked in a large IT company in 2003 and was responsible for sales. When SARS came, there was no sales in the whole country, and it was also a long time of downtime. At that time, I didn't know what it was called "black swan",

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