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War epidemic: new actions of logistics enterprises

2020-02-13 10:02:00Source: Billion euro

From supporting the front line to safeguarding the rear economy, a large number of logistics enterprises have launched new actions. The Jingdong has undertaken the Hubei provincial government emergency supplies supply chain management platform. Recently, the Hubei provincial government held a regular press conference on the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia. It revealed that the docking mode was being adopted to ensure that the medical materials arrived at the top of the epidemic quickly, while introducing logistics providers such as Jingdong logistics to provide support. In response to the urgent needs of Hubei new crown pneumonia prevention command headquarters, Jingdong and the Hubei provincial government cooperate to formally build its emergency material supply chain management platform. The platform is aimed at the production, inventory, allocation and distribution of urgently needed protective clothing, masks, goggles and other materials in the fight against the epidemic, which can be tracked visually in the whole process and controlled intensively and efficiently, so as to help the accurate measurement, scientific scheduling and reasonable distribution of medical materials in short supply in Hubei Province. Since JD has continuously invested in transportation, manpower, unmanned equipment and other ways to fully support Hubei, supply chain technology has directly participated in the epidemic prevention and control work of government departments. Because there are many kinds and different models of anti epidemic materials, it is difficult to match the demand of anti epidemic and materials collection in time in traditional way

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