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Microsoft announces first half roadmap for visual studio 2020

2020-03-01 08:34:39Source: IT house

Microsoft announced its visual studio & nbsp; work plan for the first half of 2020. "Our goal is to figure out what's going on so that you can plan upgrades and provide feedback on what features will enable visual studio to provide you and your team with a more efficient development environment," he said The roadmap is as follows: core solves top consumer feedback continues to improve UI automation properties for a better screen reader experience improves performance openness and improves visual studio git integration using visual studio with large solutions As a client of online environment, search and navigate in large or multiple repositories, use condition access improves network support. Based on user feedback, the team has completed adjustments such as remembering documents and tool windows fixed in documents between sessions, grouping open documents by item in vertical tags, minimizing and maximizing buttons on the start window, etc. C ++C++20 

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