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Bitcoin lever player: dangerous game hidden in virtual wallet

2020-03-07 08:11:17Source: Tencent Technology

Original title: bitcoin leverage player: Zheng Enfu, a dangerous game hidden in a virtual wallet / our reporter / he Shasha / Beijing reported that in early January this year, bitcoin began to soar from a minimum of $6871 to a maximum of $10500 on February 9, with a maximum increase of 52.82%; on February 17, bitcoin fell to $9500. From the beginning of January to February 9, 2020, bitcoin experienced several rounds of sharp rises and falls, which also brought many short and long opportunities to Wang Ran (pseudonym), a coin speculator. In less than 30 days, Wang Ran frequently used leverage to short bitcoin in digital currency trading. Although he lost about 3 million yuan, he still enjoyed it. In fact, in the six months before the loss, Wang Ran has repeatedly mortgaged a total of 300 bitcoins and 200 Ethereum borrowed usdt on bitcoin mortgage lending platforms including renrenbit and gate. I, deposited the usdt in the digital currency exchange, changed it into bitcoin and Ethereum, and then added leverage to short or long. "I can't remember how much I opened on the exchange

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