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Looking for the next super 10 billion tuyeres

2020-03-20 10:05:31Source: Entrepreneur

December 30, 2019 is night. The traffic near Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center is almost paralyzed. There is going to be a year-end show of Wu Xiaobo. The theme is "come to the seaside, pick up confidence". So many people come to pick up their faith. On the year-end show, Wu Xiaobo made a conservative and optimistic weather forecast for next year and the future economic situation. Among them, more consumption of the new middle class is "for themselves"; the domestic product movement is in the ascendant; beauty has become a very important factor in consumption decision-making, which coincides with a double 11 resumption meeting jointly held by tmall and Ali health a few days ago. On December 26, 2019, tmall and Ali health held a resumption meeting. Looking back on this year's double 11 carnival, one of the highlights is that the hot sales of tonic products have increased significantly. Compared with the top 10 list of top brands of nourishing category (Taobao + tmall) in 2018 and 2019, it can be found that the number of top 10 brands with the main focus on bird's nest has increased to 6, 2 of the 3 rising brands are bird's nest brands, and 3 new brands are all bird's nest brands. Tonic, a few years ahead, it's called "rich family"

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