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Wechat IOS 7.0.12 is officially launched, and the dark mode is coming

2020-03-22 11:56:38Source: Tencent Technology

Tencent technology news on March 22, wechat version 7.0.12 was officially launched, users can experience new functions such as wechat in dark mode after updating. After users set the dark mode in IOS system, wechat can automatically adapt without additional operation, further optimizing the user experience and making it more convenient to use wechat late at night. After the user updates the latest version of wechat, open iPhone "Settings" and adjust it to "dark color" through "display and brightness", wechat can automatically adapt to "late night mode"; or adjust it to "automatic" and automatically adapt at night. After opening the "dark mode", WeChat's home page, chat page, discovery page, official account page, video frequency page, search page, WeChat payment page will automatically turn dark. If you need to turn off the "dark mode", users just need to open iPhone settings, and then turn them into "light color" through "display and brightness". At present, the Android version has also been grayscale tested, and will be fully online soon. At the same time, the new version of wechat also optimizes the sending experience of voice messages, making it more convenient for users to slide up and turn text, and helping users use voice more smoothly

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