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Four sieges in the second half of online education

2020-03-22 16:48:00Source: Titanium media

Photo source: Visual Chinese Xiaofeng said that in the online education & ldquo; slow & rdquo; track, for more than a year, there have been rare ups and downs. In more than half a year since the end of 2018, more than 1500 enterprises of online education track have sprung up, made efforts, struggled, scuffled and even collapsed. In the summer of 2019, players from all walks of life have played a rare & ldquo; hundred Regiment Battle & rdquo; with crazy money;. In fact, if it wasn't for a sudden outbreak, we could almost be sure that online education track would soon have a chicken feather after a wave of money burning revelry. However, objectively speaking, although the epidemic has brought visible opportunities and buffer periods to online education, the whole business format has not changed in essence, and many players even go back to the old form of live teaching under the AI signboard. So, under the scuffle and chaos, how should online education track go? More than two years ago, AI + education was a relatively new thing. Thanks to the promotion of policies, the improvement of artificial intelligence technology, and the extensive application of scenarios

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