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Question | Short rent "Blue Sea" into "Red Sea", the biggest barrier is homogenization?

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Question | Short rent
Shared economy and short rent have become well-known terms in recent years. With the rapid development of Internet technology, the future and "money path" seem infinite. The rise of Licorne, short-rent residential quarters, constantly refreshes people's "Three Views". According to the data provided by the Ministry of Commerce and China Hotel Association, the short-rent scale of residential accommodation in mainland China was only about one million in 2012, with less than 100,000 practitioners. At that time, residential accommodation seemed to be a "rarity". By 2016, there were more than 40,000 domestic residential accommodation-related enterprises with nearly 900,000 employees in the industry, and the market scale exceeded 10 billion yuan. Short-rent users were becoming more and more active. "Alliance +" data show that in December 2015, compared with January of the same year, the number of active equipment of short-rent App increased by about 500% annually. During the same period, the number of registered users of short-rent booking platform Woodbird in the first quarter of domestic well-known residential short-rent booking platform increased by 125%.
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